We help organizations grow by managing their tax and accounting needs in and around Chicago

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We represent taxpayers before the IRS, keeping taxpayers out of tax trouble. We negotiate with the IRS and the state, so you do not have to.

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We are experts in everything tax. We know how the IRS works. And we know QuickBooks. Our team of friendly professionals will help you save taxes and keep more of your earnings in your pocket.


Massey and Company CPA serves clients throughout the Chicago area. We are a tax and accounting firm that caters to small businesses, entrepreneurs and their families.

Tax Preparaton and Planning

IRS and State Tax Services

We are a full-service accounting firm that offers tax return preparation and tax planning services in Illinois and across the United States. Our federal and state tax preparation services include returns for individuals, partnerships, S corporations, C corporations, nonprofits, trusts and estates.

We also prepare quarterly estimated taxes for business owners and independent contractors, as well as amended tax returns.

Our services are guided by the highest ethical standards set by the AICPA and the IRS.

We are not simply "tax season" accountants. Instead, we stay in touch with our customers all year long, looking for tax savings opportunities and keeping our clients out of tax trouble.

Individual Tax Preparation In Chicago

The tax experts at Massey and Company CPA are here to assist you with all of your individual tax preparation needs. To avoid penalties and interest, you must submit a completed Form 1040, Individual Income Tax Return, on time. Our specialists will determine the most effective and efficient way to file your return, while also identifying all possible deductions or credits to reduce your federal and state tax liability.

Business Tax Preparation In Chicago

We are a one-stop-shop for business tax compliance and tax planning. We manage the tax requirements of both existing small businesses and start-ups, as well as nonprofit organizations. Our services include income taxes and sales taxes. We file your business taxes and assist with any tax issues that arise throughout the year. We keep our business clients out of tax trouble.

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Accounting Services

Business tax returns cannot be prepared until the bookkeeping and accounting is finished. This can be a real headache for many business owners.

We use QuickBooks Online to manage the bookkeeping and accounting for our small business clients. Our goal is to make sure the books remain clean and organized throughout the year, and are ready for tax preparation.

Are your books messy? Don’t worry! Our friendly, responsive staff will clean up the books for you and get your business ready for tax preparation.

Our billing for accounting and bookkeeping services consists of fixed monthly fees. As a client of our firm, there will be no more billing shocks!

IRS Audits

Tax Relief And IRS Audits

A tax collection letter from the IRS is often a nerve-wracking experience. Some people just put these letters off until later. This only adds to the problem, increasing back taxes, interest and penalties.

IRS audits range from simple to complex. Either way, the risks can be significant. Our firm will represent you in an audit, so you can minimize the tax risks and move on with your life.

Massey and Company is a CPA firm with offices in Atlanta and Chicago. We provide tax representation solutions to IRS difficulties, including preparing missing tax returns, back taxes, liens, levies and audits. We have significant experience representing clients before the IRS. We negotiate with the IRS for you, so you don't have to.

Tax Preparaton and Planning

Payroll Tax Problems

You have a successful company, but your cash flow dips from time to time, and the payroll tax deposit isn't made on time. Perhaps you were caught up in other matters and skipped your quarterly payroll tax returns.

Regardless of the cause, you're behind on your payroll tax filings and payments. You might think you're temporarily borrowing money from the IRS while your business recovers, but the government doesn't see it that way.

The IRS needs that money to make Social Security payments, among other things. Late payroll tax payments are taken more seriously than any other tax issue by the IRS.

Massey and Company CPA represents businesses who are having payroll tax issues.

IRS Audits

Business Consulting

We also provide business consulting. This include company structuring and start-up services for LLCs and S corporations. A properly structured business helps the business owners to save taxes year after year.

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