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Tax deductions for auto mileage is one of the more common questions that we receive at Massey and Company CPA. There is no doubt that

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What is Reasonable Compensation?

Reasonable compensation is a critical tax issue that owners of S-Corporations must consider. Reasonable Compensation: What is the Problem? Reasonable compensation is the perennial audit

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1031 Qualified Intermediary

During a 1031 exchange, the IRS requires the use of a Qualified Intermediary (QI). The QI is responsible for documenting and managing the process of

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Georgia Offer in Compromise

Georgia Tax Debt Relief The Georgia Department of Revenue allows taxpayers to settle a tax liability for less than the total amount owed.   This is

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The Federal Tax Levy

What is a Levy or Garnishment? A federal tax levy is the seizure of money or other property by the government to pay off back

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Georgia Sales Tax

Sales tax is an important part of doing business in Georgia.  This includes retailers in the state, as well as businesses selling online or remotely

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IRS Audit Basics

Taxpayers are selected for an audit for a variety of reasons.  Some are chosen due to a document mismatch, such as a return that is

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Sales Tax Audits

When the Sales Tax Auditor Comes Sales tax audits are on the rise in most states.  This is due to budget shortfalls of states across

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Massey and Company CPA

Based in Atlanta, Massey and Company CPA specializes in tax and accounting matters of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and their families.
We do everything related to tax return preparation and tax planning, as well as accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses using QuickBooks Online.
In addition, we represent taxpayers before the IRS, keeping taxpayers out of tax trouble. We negotiate with the IRS and the state, so you do not have to.
We know the tax issues. We know our way around the IRS. We know QuickBooks. And we know how to help you save taxes and keep more of your hard-earned profits.

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