Massey and Company, your small business CPA, makes sure that the tax returns of our clients are accurate, free of "red flags," and filed on time.

With over 30 years of experience preparing taxes for hundreds of small businesses and nonprofits, the professionals at Massey and Company CPA know how to get your business taxes done right. We keep you and your small business out of IRS trouble.


A Full-Service Atlanta CPA Firm Serving Small Business Clients in Georgia and Beyond

We are a full-service CPA firm, offering everything from small business tax preparation and planning to IRS representation. Our CPA tax services include annual tax filings, monthly accounting services for your business, entity formation, international tax reporting, tax planning, sales taxes and representation before the IRS for tax audits and other tax controversies. Our clients operate in a broad variety of industries and include S corporations, LLCs, C corporations, partnerships and non-profits.

Whether you are dealing with a simple or a complex tax return, you can count on our Atlanta CPA firm for the highest level of service at fixed, affordable prices. Our goal is to help our clients minimize their taxes and avoid penalties and interest.

Our small business CPA services include cost segregation for real estate investors, R&D credits for technology-based businesses, and sales tax nexus studies for eCommerce.

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Based on 117 reviews
Kemley Whiteside
Kemley Whiteside
Gary & Austin have been extremely helpful to our organization. As a business owner, it feels great when someone cares about our work load and takes the weight off, by providing an exceptional and satisfactory experience. We are so glad to work with this company and their team. The team is absolutely on a platinum standard level of excellence! The experience has been very rewarding and well satisfied. Thank you kindly for all that you do!
I haven't worked with this company for long and although there is still a lot that needs to be done I am extremely impressed with the professionalism and overall kind nature of Lina and Ben. They both seem to go above and beyond to make sure I, along with my business is well taken care of. I look forward to seeing what my future holds and so happy Massey and Company are on my team!
Courtney Sutherland Gray
Courtney Sutherland Gray
Gary and his team made tax season worry-free. They are easy to reach, efficient in their work, and great to work with to ensure tax returns are prepared and filed appropriately.
Marianne Mason
Marianne Mason
This is our first year with Massey and Company and it was a great experience. Thanks to Austin and Gary for their professionalism and expertise. Great job with our taxes!
Elazar Huisman
Elazar Huisman
Gary and Austin are absolutely wonderful to work with! I have been handling my tax and accounting needs through Massey and Company for a few years now, and every year they leave me extremely satisfied! I really enjoyed working with Austin in the past year, as he worked diligently and always made time to answer my questions. The folks at Massey and Company are friendly, focused, honest, and very hard-working! I will be using their services once again in 2023 and recommend them to anyone in need of excellent tax/accounting services.
Rafael and Austin were terrific in preparing my personal and business tax returns and have been extremely knowledgeable and responsive to my inquiries. It was a seamless process and I feel incredibly valued as a client of Massey and Co!
Jessica McKenzie
Jessica McKenzie
This is a really wonderful team to work with! They take personal interest in your financial needs, are always timely with responses, and provide great services for a small business owner like myself. Highly recommend!

Keeping Your Books Clean for a Better Tax Return

A clean set of books is a prerequisite for business tax preparation, whether you are a small business, a large business or a real estate investor. Our team of professionals ensures that your bookkeeping and accounting is complete and accurate before tax preparation begins. Whether your business uses QuickBooks Online or Excel, we help you to get your books ready in case the IRS comes asking questions. We have your back.

Why Choose Us as Your Small Business CPA Firm?

We pride ourselves on answering the phone when our clients call with questions. Check out our Five-Star Reviews on Google to see what our clients say about our level of responsiveness and client care.

With our CPA tax services, you won’t have to worry if your business is paying the taxes required by the IRS or the state. We have it covered for you. Not only do we prepare tax returns according to the highest ethical and legal standards, but we also make sure everything checks out on your returns to minimize the risk of an audit and reduce your tax payments to the lowest possible amount.

Time is a valuable commodity. Our team of CPAs, Enrolled Agents, tax professionals and accountants makes the process of filing business taxes straightforward and efficient. We are with you every step of the way, identifying deductions and credits so you pay as little as possible in tax and have more money to invest into your business.

Changes in the tax law are a regular occurrence. We stay on top of what is new in the tax regulations and tax forms. This is no easy feat, especially where the changes are complex, but we do it for you so you don’t have to.

We are unique among tax and accounting firms in our ability to handle IRS and state tax problems. We provide audit support to our clients whenever it is needed. We also assist our clients with back taxes, responses to IRS or state tax notices, and appeals.

We also handle all types of sales tax issues, including nexus studies, sales tax return preparation, planning and sales tax audits.

We invite you to consider Massey and Company CPA in Atlanta for your business tax needs. Our professionals will discuss your options with you and help you to navigate the complexities of the IRS and the tax law. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your tax preparation and tax planning needs and how we can help you and your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire a CPA firm to help me with my tax returns?

When it comes to small business tax preparation or individual tax returns, many different tax regulations and forms need to be understood to file a correct return. Your CPA will know the ins and outs of your business and the tax law, which will make it easier to identify deductions or credits you may not have known about. This will save you tax dollars.

Should I use a tax preparer who is not a CPA?

The CPA license is one of the most highly respected professional credentials. Continuous professional education is required of CPAs every year. A CPA is qualified to not only save time and money on your tax return, but also to manage the ongoing bookkeeping and accounting of your business. A tax preparer who is not a CPA may not have these skills.

What kinds of bookkeeping and accounting services do CPAs provide?

CPAs do it all, from basic bookkeeping to accounting for complex business transactions. They are trained to keep businesses financially organized while minimizing taxes at the same time. This is particularly important for business tax returns, like those of S corporations and partnerships, where balance sheets are required for the tax returns.

When do I need to hire a professional for my tax preparations?

CPAs help businesses all year long, not just during tax season. Tax planning and ongoing accounting by a CPA is valuable every month of the year. And it results in an efficient and money-saving experience when tax season rolls around.

We invite you to check out Massey and Company CPA. Read our Five-Star Reviews on Google. We are among the most highly reviewed and respected CPA firms in Atlanta, GA.

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