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When you start a new business, it’s vital to make the proper government filings to protect the owners and employees of your future organization. Forming your new business is an important decision that must address state and local regulations. The goal is to operate legally and to shield new or current investments from potential risk.

Massey and Company, your Atlanta CPA, provides new business formation services that can help your new business grow. You’ll benefit with increased credibility and the peace of mind that comes from protecting your personal assets from day one.

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    Benefits of Small Business Formation Services

    State, local and national-level regulations apply to your new small business. It is necessary to register within the county in which your business operates if you plan to provide services or conduct business in that location.

    You will also want to complete a “Doing Business As” or DBA filing with the correct county. The DBA filing should state the assumed name of your business and its physical address.

    You may also need to register for sales tax.

    The CPAs, Enrolled Agents and tax accountants at Massey and Company can assist you with these important government filings.

    Benefits of filing your DBA include:

    Branding: use your new business name with new clients or vendors.

    Versatility: you are able to form several new businesses and brands registered to the same owner.

    Credibility: customers can verify that you are a legitimate business through state and local authorities’ records.

    LLC Business Formations

    Massey and Company CPA assists entrepreneurs with the formation of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). Forming an LLC offers limited liability to business owners, with minimal cost and paperwork.

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    Benefits of forming an LLC include:

    Asset Protection -- LLC owners enjoy limited liability and are protected against lawsuits and creditors of the business. This protection shields the personal assets of the business owners (such as homes, bank accounts and stocks) from the financial obligations of the business. One of the most important steps to ensure that LLC owners receive these protections is to avoid the comingling of business and personal funds. In other words, do not use the bank account of the LLC to pay the personal expenses of the owner.

    Perpetual Succession -- An LLC continues operating after the death of the owner. This benefit is an important attribute to both vendors and key stakeholders.

    Tax Savings -- An LLC avoids double taxation, because the tax on LLC income is not paid at the business level. The way that this tax benefit works is by including the business income or loss of the LLC directly on the taxes of the business owner. This allows the owners of the business to deduct or write off business expenses on their tax returns. As an added benefit, tax preparation for an LLC is relatively inexpensive, compared to other types of entities.

    S Corporation Formation and Entity Choice

    The S corporation is one of the most popular types of entities for small businesses. S corporations offer limited liability, like an LLC, plus significant payroll tax savings. These tax savings often amount to thousands of dollars per year.

    Most LLCs have the option to be taxed as S corporations for tax purposes. This is knows as an S corporation election.

    Massey and Company CPA is ready to help business owners analyze the benefits and tax considerations of each type of business entity. We run the numbers for you to determine which entity choice is best. And we also handle the paperwork to be filed with the government, so you don't have to.

    Reach out to Us for Your New Business Formation

    Massey and Company CPA helps clarify the tax considerations to businesses and business owners of filing as a sole proprietorship, LLC, S corporation or C corporation.

    Your personal and business financial success is our goal, and we have years of experience helping business owners decide about entity choice. To learn more about our new business formation services, contact us at Massey and Company, your Atlanta CPA.

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