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Georgia Tax Credits and Incentives

Georgia Tax Credits

Southern Hospitality: How Georgia Welcomes Businesses with Tax Credits and Incentives

In the heart of the South, Georgia extends a warm embrace not only through its famed hospitality but also by offering a treasure trove of tax incentives and credits designed to foster business growth and innovation. The state’s generous offerings support enterprises across a myriad of sectors, from small startups to sprawling corporations.  Georgia’s financial incentives serve as a beacon, attracting savvy entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, eager to tap into the rich resources and welcoming business climate that the Peach State has to offer.

Tax credits offer rewards for actions that promote economic activity and growth within Georgia.  With the advice of a tax expert, you can qualify for these incentives and fully leverage the available advantages.

In this article, we will introduce the benefits of four of Georgia’s best incentives for the business community.

Georgia Retraining Tax Credit

The Georgia Retraining Tax Credit provides an opportunity for businesses to lower their tax liability by investing in the development of their workforce. It underscores the state’s commitment to fostering an environment where businesses can thrive through innovation while supporting their employees’ growth and adaptation to new technologies or procedures.

Amount: The credit covers 50% of the direct costs of retraining employees, up to $1,250 per employee.

Usage: The Georgia Retraining Credit can be applied against 50% of the company’s state corporate income tax liability and is not applicable against any other taxes. Unused credits can be carried forward for up to 10 years, providing flexibility in how they are applied.

Georgia Job Tax Credit

The Georgia Job Tax Credit is a pivotal incentive program designed to encourage economic development and job creation across the state. It offers tax credits to new and existing businesses that create a certain number of jobs in a given year, thereby reducing the company’s tax liability and fostering an environment conducive to growth and expansion. This program is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to invest in Georgia’s diverse economy.  The Georgia Tax Credit aims to enhance community development and increase employment opportunities in both urban and rural areas.

Amount: The value of the credit varies based on the location of the business, with higher credits available in less developed or rural areas to stimulate growth in these regions. Generally, the credit ranges from $1,250 to $4,000 per job, per year, for up to five years, based on the tier system that classifies counties and certain zones based on their economic status.

Usage: The credits can be applied against 100% of the company’s state corporate income tax liability.  In some cases, the Georgia Job Tax Credit may used to reduce payroll withholding taxes, enhancing the incentive’s value for businesses. If the amount of the credit exceeds the company’s tax liability in a given year, the excess can be carried forward for up to 10 years, ensuring that businesses can fully benefit from their credits over time.

Georgia Investment Tax Credit

The Georgia Investment Tax Credit is designed to bolster economic growth and attract investment within Georgia by offering tax incentives to companies that invest in new property and equipment.  Aimed primarily at manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution sectors, this credit encourages businesses to expand their operations, modernize facilities, and enhance productivity within the state of Georgia. By reducing the tax burden associated with significant capital investments, the program supports companies in their efforts to innovate and grow, contributing positively to Georgia’s economic landscape.

Amount: The Georgia Investment Tax Credit offers a value that ranges from 1% to 8% of qualified capital investments, depending on the county’s development tier or if the investment is made in a designated Opportunity Zone, Less Developed Census Tract, or Military Zone. This tier system encourages investments in areas that are economically challenged, providing higher incentives for businesses to contribute to the development of these regions.

Usage: The Georgia Investment Tax Credit may be applied against up to 50% of the company’s state corporate income tax liability, with any unused credit carried forward for up to 10 years. In certain cases, especially in less developed areas, the credit may also offset payroll withholding taxes, enhancing its value to businesses.

Georgia Research and Development Tax Credit

The Georgia Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit is a forward-thinking initiative designed to foster innovation and technological advancement among businesses operating within the state. By offering tax incentives for qualified research expenses, Georgia incentivizes companies to engage in research and development activities that lead to new discoveries, improved processes, and innovative products. This credit not only supports businesses in their pursuit of innovation but also strengthens Georgia’s economy by encouraging high-tech investments and creating high-value jobs.

Amount: The R&D Tax Credit allows businesses to claim a portion of their spending on qualified research activities conducted in Georgia. The credit is calculated as a percentage of the increase in the company’s qualified research expenses over a base amount, encouraging companies to continuously expand their R&D efforts. The state offers a credit of up to 10% of the incremental increase in R&D expenses, promoting sustained investment in innovation.

Usage: The Georgia R&D Tax Credit can be applied against Georgia state corporate income tax liability, and any unused portion of the credit can be carried forward for up to 10 years. This flexibility ensures that companies can benefit from their investment in innovation over time, even if they do not have an immediate tax liability against which to apply the credit.


In conclusion, Georgia’s statutory tax credits are more than just financial perks; they are a testament to the state’s forward-thinking approach to business and economic growth. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established business, Georgia’s tax credits are worth considering as you plan your next move! We are ready to help you determine which aspects of your business qualify and guide you through the process of utilizing these valuable benefits.



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