We are a leading CPA firm in Atlanta, Georgia, providing expert income tax preparation and tax planning services to both individuals and businesses.

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The CPAs, Enrolled Agents and tax professionals at Massey and Company CPA can handle all your income tax and accounting needs, whether you are looking for help with business accounting and bookkeeping, income tax return preparation, IRS representation services, or financial statements preparation.

We want our tax accountants and tax advisors to build long term relationships with our clients.  Our goals is to provide our clients with the best tax preparation and tax planning services possible, at affordable prices.

Our Atlanta tax CPA team is dedicated to providing you exemplary tax preparation and tax planning services, within budget and on time.

Tax preparation without a CPA or tax advisor can be stressful. So let us take on that task for you. This way, you can focus on what matters the most to you in your business and in your personal life.  Let us be your Atlanta tax preparer – so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Don’t let your business suffer because you did not have the time or the energy to manage the books. Let us take care of this for you so that you can focus on growing your business.

Contact us today to learn how our Atlanta, GA tax services team can handle your tax preparation and tax planning and help make life easier for you!

We know you will love our team of friendly, professional tax accountants and tax advisors. Check our Google reviews to learn what our clients have to say about them.  We are very proud of our team!

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Atlanta Tax Preparation Services

Our leadership has over 30 years of CPA experience. And we have been operating in the the Atlanta market for nearly 10 years. Massey and Company CPA is one of the most trusted names among Atlanta accounting firms when it comes to professional income tax preparers and tax accountants.  Our Atlanta, GA tax  professionals, tax advisors and preparers are dedicated to providing you with fast, courteous service at affordable prices. We strive to become your Number One choice in Atlanta for accounting and bookkeeping services, tax preparation, and tax planning services for small businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals throughout Georgia and across the country.

A system of well-organized financial accounting will ensure your business operations are running smoothly on a daily basis. We believe this to be the foundation of a successful business. Our qualified accountants will handle the day-to-day operations associated with bookkeeping so you do not have to.  

Reliable bookkeeping and accounting is the foundation and prerequisite for tax preparation.

Full-Service Income Tax Preparation Services in Atlanta, GA

At Massey and Company CPA, we offer an local solution for tax preparation and tax planning services. Our Atlanta CPAs, tax accountants, tax advisors and tax preparers are dedicated to providing you with the best tax service at reasonable prices. Our tax accountants will responsibly handle your tax preparation needs, from start to finish.

Our customer focused solution for tax preparation will make sure that your tax returns get prepared correctly and on time. That is why we are one of the most preferred names when it comes to tax preparation and tax planning services in Atlanta.

You will love our friendly, caring and responsive tax professionals!  Check out our Five Star Reviews on Google to learn what our clients say about our tax accountants and other members of our staff.

As a top-rated Georgia accounting firms, our Atlanta tax CPAs, Enrolled Agents and tax accountants handle all types of tax filers, whether individuals tax returns, businesses or nonprofits. Our Atlanta tax service team can handle your tax preparation needs efficiently and professionally, delivering timely tax results for you.

Providing Atlanta CPA Tax Preparation Services for Individuals, Small Businesses and Independent Contractors

Are you looking for a local Atlanta CPA or tax advisor near you with deep experience in both individual and business tax return preparation? No matter what type of tax preparation services you need, we have the team to handle all your requirements. Our Atlanta tax CPAs, Enrolled Agents and expert tax preparers and tax accountants treat individual and business tax returns with the highest degree of care, efficiency and accuracy.

Atlanta Tax Preparation Services for Individuals Include:

Tax Planning: This essential tax service is designed to maximize tax savings for individuals and business filers. Clients regularly seek this service to learn the tax cost of key decisions and to make intelligent choices.  Tax preparation is the end result of tax planning.  That is where you see the results.  Call our Atlanta office to book a tax consultation today.

Rental Properties: We offer comprehensive rental property tax preparation services that simplify the back office tasks of landlords, so they can get on with the work that matters most. Our services for real estate investors include cost segregation, passive losses limitations, real estate professional status, and 1031 exchanges.

State Income Tax: We prepare state and local income tax returns for individuals and businesses. We do GA tax preparation, as well as all states nationwide.  Our services state tax services also include sales tax consulting, nexus studies, and sales tax return preparation. We also support our clients with taxpayer representation before the state Department of Revenue. Our state tax representation services include sales tax audits in all states.

Foreign Bank Accounts (FBAR): The FBAR is used to report information about foreign bank accounts to the IRS.  At Massey and Company CPA, we regularly prepare tax returns that includes foreign bank reporting.

Tax Return Extensions: We prepare federal and state tax extensions for our clients when they need it, thereby avoiding costly penalties and interest.

Quarterly Taxes: Not everyone realizes that contractors and self-employed contractors are required to pay taxes on a quarterly basis throughout the year. We prepare the quarterly tax vouchers for our clients, as well as advising them on how much tax to pay each quarter.

Immigration Tax Services: Taxation and immigration go hand in hand.  We help our clients to meet the requirements of both the IRS and USCIS.  With our team of CPAs, Enrolled Agents and tax professionals, there will be no tax surprises relating to your immigration status.

Atlanta, GA Tax Preparation Services for Small Businesses and Independent Contractors Include:

S corporation: S corporations are a focal point of our tax preparation practice.  We prepare dozens of S corporation returns every year for small businesses and self-employed contractors.  We also help our clients decide if an S corporation is a good idea for their business.  On the consulting side, we advise our clients on reasonable compensation requirements for S corporation shareholder/employees.

LLC: LLC’s are among the most popular type of entities for small businesses and self-employed contractors. We handle all the tax and accounting matters that a business owner will face when managing an LLC.

C corporation: C corporations are required to follow unique and complex tax and accounting rules. We prepare C corporation returns and handle the computations so you don’t have to worry about it.

State tax returns:  We handle GA tax preparation for businesses, as well as tax returns for all other states.  Our experience is deep when it comes to multi-state filing requirements.

Sales tax: Sales tax is complicated, with different rules in every state and local jurisdiction. We provide sales tax consulting services, including sales tax nexus studies, and manage sales tax audits for our clients. We keep our clients stay out of sales tax trouble.

Tax Planning:  We love tax planning for small businesses and independent contractors.  Our strategic tax planning services are powerful and practical and guaranteed to save you money on your tax returns.

Nonprofit tax returns:  Form 990 is the tax return for nonprofits. It is also a critical public relations document. We have prepared hundreds of 990s over the years. You are in good hands with our team of CPAs, Enrolled Agents and tax preparers.

Nonprofit entity formation: Are you looking to form a nonprofit entity? We prepare the required paperwork and get your organization approved for tax exempt status by the IRS.

Foreign reporting: We prepare most international tax reporting forms, including the IRS forms required for the activity of foreign related entities. This is a standard part of our tax preparation process.

Tax return extensions: We file tax return extensions for our clients when they need it. No worries about late returns.  Our tax services team in Atlanta takes care of it all.

S elections: The S election is one of the most powerful tax planning tools available to small business owners and self-employed contractors. But it is not right for everyone. We have years of experience running the numbers to see if it makes economic sense for you.

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Contact Our Tax CPA Firm in Atlanta, GA. You will enjoy working with our friendly team of CPAs, EAs, tax accountants and tax preparers.

At Massey and Company CPA, we offer friendly and efficient accounting and income tax preparation services to individuals, businesses, self-employed contractors and nonprofits.  As a CPA firm, we are allowed to provide tax services to taxpayers in any state.  With our modern, cloud-based technology, we serve our tax and accounting clients wherever they are.  We tailor our tax preparation services to your needs.  Check out our other services as well, including bookkeeping and accounting, tax relief, IRS representation, state and local tax representation, tax consulting and tax planning.