Statistics on Federal Tax Liens in Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta, GA Tax Lien Statistics

This is the first in our series of reports analyzing federal tax liens on Georgia businesses.  Along with tax levies and garnishments, federal tax liens are one of the most powerful weapons available to the IRS in its efforts to collect back taxes. As of 2022 there were more than 15 million taxpayers nationwide in […]

Tax Levy vs Garnishment: What is the Difference?

IRS tax levy and wage garnishment

How to Handle an IRS Tax Levy or Wage Garnishment Is there a difference between a tax levy and a garnishment? A federal tax levy is the seizure of money or other property by the government to pay off back taxes. A garnishment is a type of levy, where the IRS seizes wages to pay […]

Federal Tax Lien: How to Solve the Problem

Tax lien

IRS Tax Liens What is a Tax Lien? A tax lien is a claim by the IRS that taxes are owed and they intend to collect these taxes.  It is legal claim by the IRS against your property.  The lien attaches to your property until the tax is paid. The purpose of a tax lien […]

IRS Tax Relief in 2021

IRS Payment Plans, Tax Liens, Tax Transcripts and More:  Navigating the Tax Relief Maze. IRS tax relief includes more than just resolving back taxes.  It includes filing missing returns, reconstructing accounting records, interpreting the statute of limitations, analyzing arcane IRS transcripts and the pain and embarrassment of dealing with the IRS.  Which way should you […]