The Federal Tax Levy

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What is a Levy or Garnishment? A federal tax levy is the seizure of money or other property by the government to pay off back taxes.  It is sometimes called a garnishment, as in the case of a wage garnishment. Before levies begin, the taxpayer will receive at least 4 letters or notices from the […]

Federal Tax Lien in 2022

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IRS Tax Liens: The Basics If you owe money to the IRS, then there is already a tax lien against you. A federal tax lien comes into effect when a tax liability is assessed and the taxpayer does not pay the amount in full.  The lien attaches to all of the taxpayer’s assets, including assets […]

IRS Tax Relief in 2021

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IRS Payment Plans, Tax Liens, Tax Transcripts and More:  Navigating the Tax Relief Maze. IRS tax relief includes more than just resolving back taxes.  It includes filing missing returns, reconstructing accounting records, interpreting the statute of limitations, analyzing arcane IRS transcripts and the pain and embarrassment of dealing with the IRS.  Which way should you […]