IRS Form 8300: Cash Sales over $10,000 (Updated for 2024)

Form 8300 and cash payments over $10,000

IRS Form 8300 is the form that businesses use to report the receipt of cash payments over $10,000.  It applies to the purchase of both goods and services. Generally, businesses must file Form 8300 within 15 days after receiving cash payments over $10,000.  We recommend that Form 8300 be filed online, rather than through the […]

Immigration and Taxes

Taxes and immigration

The Connection Between Immigration and Taxes Immigration and taxes have a lot to do with each other.  In fact, taxation and immigration go hand in hand throughout the USCIS immigration process. With over 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US (according to a recent study of the Migration Policy Institute), immigration tax services are in […]

Do I Need Advisors to Grow My Small Business?

Growing your small business

Why a Small Business Should Expand and Collaborate with a CPA, a Business Consultant and other Advisors Guest post written by Tony R. Kitchens   Hello, fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners! Today, I want to address a crucial topic that often arises in the early stages of business development: the importance of growing beyond […]

CPA Tax Tips for New Businesses in Atlanta

Owners of new businesses call my tax and accounting office in Atlanta looking for “CPA tax tips.”  In this article I will share some of the CPA tax tips that tend to be the most meaningful, practical and useful for creating and running a new business.  Stay in Touch with your CPA  Expect your […]