Atlanta CPA Tip: Quarterly Taxes

Quarterly Taxes

Atlanta CPA Reminds about Quarterly Taxes Small business owners, investors and independent contractors who are required to pay quarterly taxes to the IRS should consider the June 15, 2023 deadline to stay current with their taxes. Why Make Quarterly Tax Payments? Taxpayers who do not have their taxes withheld from wages (payroll taxes) are required […]

Guide to IRS Payment Plans or Installment Agreements

trust fund recovery penalty

The Basics of IRS Payment Plans or Installment Agreements IRS installment agreements, also called IRS payment plans, are offered to taxpayers looking for a way to pay their tax to the government in monthly amounts.  Installment agreements are among the most popular programs requested by clients at our Atlanta CPA firm. There are several variations […]

IRS Tax Relief in 2021

IRS Payment Plans, Tax Liens, Tax Transcripts and More:  Navigating the Tax Relief Maze. IRS tax relief includes more than just resolving back taxes.  It includes filing missing returns, reconstructing accounting records, interpreting the statute of limitations, analyzing arcane IRS transcripts and the pain and embarrassment of dealing with the IRS.  Which way should you […]