Divorce Tax Questions to Ask

Divorce and taxes

Divorce is hard enough without having to worry about taxes too.  But taxes are inevitable.  And a divorce adds a new layer of complication to tax preparation and tax planning.  No one wants to overpay their taxes as the result of a divorce. Filing Taxes After Divorce We have identified a list of common tax […]

The Significance of a Joint Tax Return

Marriage and Joint Tax Return

Filing a Joint Tax Return: What Does Married Filing Jointly Mean? Filing a joint tax return allows married taxpayers to enjoy favorable tax rates.   In other words, the total tax is usually lower on a tax return filed with the status of married filing jointly (MFJ).  The other types of filing status are single, married […]

Tax Debts: Post-Covid Update

In response to the economic fallout from COVID-19, the IRS suspended attempts to collect back taxes through liens, levies, seizures and other methods. We have learned that the IRS is now restarting the collection of back taxes. There are already more than 25 million taxpayers in America that are in trouble with the IRS, and […]

Challenging a Tax Bill

Gavel and books

6 Ways that Work When Challenging a Tax Bill An incorrect tax bill is fairly common because of the IRS reliance on automated systems.  According to a recent report, 75% of all IRS audits are done by computers. In addition, the IRS uses computers to create substitutes for returns when returns are not filed. As a […]

Innocent Spouse Relief

What is “Innocent Spouse Relief?” Married couples usually file a joint tax return.  They do this because joint tax returns generally offer greater tax benefits.  However, the extra benefits of the joint tax return come at the price of joint liability.  This means that either spouse is liable for the tax, whether from the filing […]