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Posted by: Gary Massey

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How Do You Challenge a Tax Bill?

An incorrect tax bill is actually fairly common. Why is this? It is because the IRS is relying on automated systems more and more to deal with taxpayers. For example, 75% of all IRS audits are done by computers. The IRS uses computer systems to create substitutes for tax returns, where they are missing them. As a result of this automation, many Atlanta taxpayers are receiving letters in the mail from the IRS that contain bills with incorrect tax amounts.

I hear of taxpayers who write to the IRS about a bad tax assessment, and they experience the frustration of their paperwork getting lost in the system. As a result, bad tax assessments go unchallenged and appeals are not made. Individual taxpayers then find themselves battling with IRS Collections for money that they do not owe. These individuals may even be subject to a tax lien, which makes it nearly impossible to get approved for a mortgage.

But fear not! Fortunately, there are ways to challenge an IRS tax bill.  Here is our list:

1. Request for Audit Reconsideration

We can get the audit reopened and re-examined.

2. Doubt-as-to-Liability Offer

This is a type of Offer-in-Compromise that challenges the underlying liability itself.

3. Collection Due Process Hearing (CDP)  – challenge the tax bill

During the hearing, the tax bill can be challenged.

4. Innocent Spouse Relief

We ask the IRS to adjust the amount of tax due, by allocating the tax between the spouses or former spouses.

5. File an Amended Return

If the taxpayer does not receive anything in 6 months, then they can bring a litigation suit.

6. Bankruptcy

The issue can be challenged through bankruptcy

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