IRS Negotiation: The First Step

Form 1040

IRS negotiation is a fundamental part of our tax practice.  Typically, negotiation is required when the taxpayer owes taxes, penalties and interest to the IRS that they cannot afford to pay.   This problem can be for one year or for multiple years.  The debt may result from personal income taxes, business income taxes or unpaid […]

Past Due Tax Returns

Deadline for filing your taxes

Millions of people across the United States do not file tax returns under the mistaken belief that it is best not to file a tax return if they cannot pay the tax.  However, past due or unfiled tax returns cause a host of problems.  It is both illegal not to file and a strategic mistake. […]

Late Tax Returns [updated for 2021]

Tax Specialist

Late tax returns?  Maybe you are due a refund?  Atlanta taxpayers, if you are behind in your tax filings by months or even years, this article is for you! We meet with new clients of our Atlanta certified public accounting firm who are due a tax refund from a prior year for which they have […]

Tax Returns Not Filed?

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A significant percentage of that number constitutes taxpayers who have not filed tax returns for multiple years. The IRS is beginning an initiative to target these “non-filers.” If you come into our Buckhead  – Sandy Springs CPA firm to resolve the problem of missing tax returns for you or your business, we will be sure […]