Tax Relief: Appeal of a Tax Matter

Tax Relief and IRS appeals

What to Expect after Requesting an Appeal of a Tax Matter Appeal of a an IRS decision is a good option if you disagree with the IRS in a tax matter.  You may be able to avoid the time and expense of a court trial by asking the IRS Independent Office of Appeals to review […]

Guide to IRS Payment Plans or Installment Agreements

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The Basics of IRS Payment Plans or Installment Agreements IRS installment agreements, also called IRS payment plans, are offered to taxpayers looking for a way to pay their tax to the government in monthly amounts.  Installment agreements are among the most popular programs requested by clients at our Atlanta CPA firm. There are several variations […]

IRS Appeals Process

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The IRS Appeals Process for collections began in 1998 with the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act.  As a result of this law, taxpayers were no longer at the mercy of the IRS.  The new rules prohibited the IRS from levying bank accounts and garnishing wages at will.  And a formal appeals process was instituted to […]

Past Due Tax Returns

Millions of people across the United States do not file tax returns under the mistaken belief that it is best not to file a tax return if they cannot pay the tax.  However, past due or unfiled tax returns cause a host of problems.  It is both illegal not to file and a strategic mistake. […]

Tax Debts: Post-Covid Update

In response to the economic fallout from COVID-19, the IRS suspended attempts to collect back taxes through liens, levies, seizures and other methods. We have learned that the IRS is now restarting the collection of back taxes. There are already more than 25 million taxpayers in America that are in trouble with the IRS, and […]

IRS Tax Relief in 2021

IRS Payment Plans, Tax Liens, Tax Transcripts and More:  Navigating the Tax Relief Maze. IRS tax relief includes more than just resolving back taxes.  It includes filing missing returns, reconstructing accounting records, interpreting the statute of limitations, analyzing arcane IRS transcripts and the pain and embarrassment of dealing with the IRS.  Which way should you […]

Challenging a Tax Bill

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6 Ways that Work When Challenging a Tax Bill An incorrect tax bill is fairly common because of the IRS reliance on automated systems.  According to a recent report, 75% of all IRS audits are done by computers. In addition, the IRS uses computers to create substitutes for returns when returns are not filed. As a […]

Tax Returns Not Filed?

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A significant percentage of that number constitutes taxpayers who have not filed tax returns for multiple years. The IRS is beginning an initiative to target these “non-filers.” If you come into our Buckhead  – Sandy Springs CPA firm to resolve the problem of missing tax returns for you or your business, we will be sure […]

Does Bankruptcy Clear Tax Debt?

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The Basics of Bankruptcy and the IRS. Bankruptcy is one of the tools we discuss in our Atlanta CPA firm with clients who are burdened by back taxes that they cannot afford to pay.  Bankruptcy does offer tax relief, but with some critical rules and significant exceptions.  It is important that taxpayers understand how these […]

IRS Offer-in-Compromise

Making a Deal with the IRS. We assist clients of our Atlanta CPA firm with the IRS Offer-in-Compromise program.  An Offer-in-Compromise means that the IRS will accept less than the total amount of tax owed by the taxpayer to settle their tax debt. At its most basic, the Offer-in-Compromise program is a formula.  An offer […]