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Family Business Radio, Episode 47

Family business owners Olivia and Carmen Amyette, Infinity Energy Advisors, and Gary Massey, owner of Massey and Company CPA were the guests on this episode of Family Business Radio.  The subjects of the episode are family business ideas and entrepreneurship.

Family Business Ideas – Podcast

Olivia and Carmen, her mom, talked about Olivia’s accomplishments and drive and her devotion to her grandfather that led her to start her own company after college. They discussed the generational influence in their family on the business, how they run their solar energy business, and more.

Gary Massey talked about how he became a CPA, starting his own firm, and his approach to helping business owners. He discussed how he advises his clients to properly set up a business and stay out of tax trouble, tax planning, and much more.

Anthony Chen then asked his guests to reflect on the obstacles they found when starting their business and what keeps them inspired and motivated.

Anthony concluded the show with comments about the most valuable legacy a family can leave to preserve wealth.

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